EOS To The Rescue!

The birds are chirping, the light nights are drawing near which means one thing… SPRING.

Thank god, am I right? There’s something about too much darkness and lack of sunlight that makes me feel cranky. I’m serious. I was even dreaming about oranges the other week just for some sort of vitamins and trust me, the only thing I’m usually dreaming about is lots of cheese or being on tour soooo that’s how much I’ve been craving some sunlight. Anyways, back to the topic Becca.


As the sun is starting to break out, I immediately gravitate to lip balms as the first thing I think of is dry, cracked lips and no one wants that (Well, I don’t speak for everyone, if you enjoy dry, cracked lips then good for you, bit weird, but good for you… ). There are two things I love about lip balms:

1. They make your lips feel like silk

2. Some are fragranced – Need I say any more?


I mean who doesn’t want to smell like a strawberry or a passion fruit?  Because I certainly do. There’s nothing better than having smooth lips as you apply a matte lipstick on to them which is why lip balms should be a holy grail in anyone’s makeup bag. There’s nothing worse than dry, peeling lips when you put a matte lipstick on and BAM your lips are mistaken for a prune. So, if you don’t have a lip balm hanging out in your handbag or purse then get yourself one as you won’t regret it, I swear.

Although I’m painfully late to the hype of this product, I personally feel like it hasn’t died down that much as it’s something I still tend to grab A LOT. One of the main things I loved and still love now about the EOS lip balms is the applicator, due to it being round like an egg it’s easier to find in my handbag and less likely to snap or break. So remember to shield your lips from the sun!


*QUICK NOTE* To all my friends from the 90’s, does this picture remind anyone of the Spice Girls music video Viva Forever? because ever since I pointed it out to myself, I’ve never been able to stop singing it when I stare at this… (I’ve linked the video to the exact point that it reminds me of if anyone is interested haha!)

Also, can we spare a moment of silence to all stick applicator lip balms that broke from pushing them up to fast or too much – you served us well friends.

Have you tried EOS lip balms? Let me know your thoughts on them down below!

All the love,

Becca’s Bubble xo

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