Spring Beauty Essentials

As Spring is flourishing, my old makeup products are screaming for a break so it’s time for a good ol’ spring clean and a switcheroo of products! There’s something about changing up your old makeup bag that is just so exhilarating and if you are someone that tends to stick to products you always use, I’d really suggest you try to switch around a few products as this can inspire you to try out different makeup looks as it’s really helped me over the years.


When I think of spring beauty essentials I just think about what products I can use that will speed up the process of getting ready because here in Newcastle, in the UK where I live, you’re lucky if the sun is shining all day so I’ve got to make the most of it!


When I think back to last year of Spring, I was obsessed with the Body Shop BB cream as it’s incredibly lightweight on the skin and accentuates your best features whilst giving you that summer glow. So when I started to organise my makeup bag I couldn’t help but pop it straight back in there for another glow up year. When you first squeeze it out of the tube, it comes out as a white consistency but once you blend it into your complexion, it starts to adapt to your skin tone and gives you that dewy finish that you need in the warm weather. (As there’s no way Matte foundation is making an appearance on my face in the sun!). So, if you’re not much of a fan of foundation and want rid of the dry skin the winter left you, then hallelujah as this is a god sent (I swear!) which is why this has been a spring beauty essential of mine since I discovered it a couple year ago.


For anyone that knows me, I’m a complete sucker for packaging. Like seriously, so feast your eyes on a BEEHIVE patterned bronzer from Body Shop. That’s right. That’s the sound of my soul living it’s best life. I’m honestly buzzzzing about the whole concept because it’s springtime, the bee’s are out, so of course, I had to add this to the spring beauty essentials bag, like who doesn’t love this! I haven’t even told you the name of this sun-kissed dream yet as I’m that excited about this product. For all of you eager BEEavers, the product is called Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder and I’ve got the shade 01 which is the lightest shade as I’ve got quite fair skin. This powder is so light and easy to blend out, it’s usually quite difficult to find a bronzer with a subtle glow, but clearly, Body Shop is bringing the goods as this does everything and more which is why this is a must-have in my spring beauty essentials.


Mac, mac, mac… You’ve done it again. This pink beauty is a matte lipstick called “Please Me” (bit raunchy but minus the name), is the most perfect colour for the spring and summer time as it just adds a pop of colour to any outfit and sits well on the lips for a matte lipstick without the chalky feeling. You are welcome! It’s extremely long wearing and I can never fault the formulas of the Mac matte lipsticks as they never seize to amaze me. To all you safe shade wearers, yes you! (The nudes, mauves, and browns), you know who you are, why not venture out and try more fun colours when it comes to lipsticks, you won’t regret it as I’ve got a little secret for you all, I was once a safe shade wearer. Ahh phew, that’s a weight off my shoulders.

Anyway, back to the blooming subject as always Becca… I always used to reach for the same neutral tones and although I do love a good nude colour, I try to branch out for different lip colours around different seasons as it can inspire an outfit. So try it out guys and gals as you will not look back! Also, to all my feared guys and gals who do not like bright colours, please note that this lipstick is more of a bubblegum pink colour as on the Mac website it’s described as a “Muted-rosy-tinted pink” yet I think the title and photos can be pretty misleading due to how bright it is on my fair complexion.


Dry hands? It’s a big fat no from me! That’s why Oliver Bonas’ Verbena and White Tea Hand & Nail Cream is a holy grail in my spring beauty essentials. This cream has a lovely floral scent and moisturises my hands, keeping them smooth without that lasting sticky texture. You never know when you’ll need a little top up on moisturiser which is why this is another crucial factor in my spring beauty essentials. Like, come on. I can feel smooth and smell like a walking garden centre? Oh, yes please!


Now, we all need a little blush magic this spring which is why I’m reaching for the Essence silky touch blush called ‘Adorable’ for my spring beauty essentials. I first discovered the brand Essence when I was in Wilkinsons and I was so stunned by how affordable all the products were and after trying some out, I can not recommend it enough! As I apply this blush to my cheeks, it leaves me with a lovely baby pink colour and has my skin feeling ultra smooth. The photo may not do it justice but it does have a tiny sheen to it, giving you a little shimmer to give your cheeks a natural shine. I can honestly say, from swatching this blush in the shop to applying it, it’s completely true to pan in terms of pigmentation as what you see is truly what you get. Also, if I wasn’t already obsessed with it enough, it’s so easy to work with as I blend it into my complexion so say goodbye to arm ache with this baby!

As I mentioned, I’m drawn to packaging however, I’ve got to say Essence’s blush packaging isn’t my cup of tea, it’s a plastic transparent compact but for the price and gorgeous patterned blush inside, you certainly can’t grumble! So, if you are looking for an effortless blush, get yourself to a shop that sells Essence because not only will your bank balance thank you but your cheeks will too!


Is my favourite lip balm making an iconic comeback? It sure is! Just like the reunion of Destiny’s Child at Coachella. Well… almost. If you haven’t checked out my last blog called “EOS To The Rescue” she’s back in all her glory once again just without the other band members, it’s only the Passion Fruit EOS Lip Balm. That’s right ladies and gentleman, this lip balm contains Vitamin E, shea butter and has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to keep your lips silky smooth and protected on those extra sunny days! It was obvious that this was going to be in my spring beauty essentials as the packaging melts my heart, it always reminds me of a mini easter egg. (Honestly, I’m amused by the smallest of things).

I hope you enjoyed a little insider into what my spring beauty essentials are this year! I’m always wanting to try out new products so comment below what your spring beauty essentials are and why!

All the love,

Becca’s Bubble xo



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